Yeonjoo Cho 조연주

(b. 1991, South Korea)

Based in Seoul and Glasgow





Yeonjoo Cho is a Korean born painter who currently works in Glasgow, Scotland. She has shown imaginary landscapes inspired by traditional Korean painting, myth, and women’s story. Her latest practice explores the dichotomy of East and West in painting practice and the concept of ‘Oriental Painting(동양화; 東洋畫)’ commonly used in South Korea. Research has played a crucial role in her latest work, which focuses on East/West binarism in East Asia art history and a notion of hybridity in the postcolonial study. Her hybrid painting practice unravels a paradoxical concept of traditions by juxtaposing the materiality of oil painting and the manner of ink painting.



2019~ The Glasgow School of Art, Practice-led PhD, Glasgow, UK

2018 The Glasgow School of Art, MLitt Fine Art, Glasgow, UK

2016 Ewha Womans University, MFA (Painting), Seoul, Korea

2014 Ewha Womans University, BFA (Painting), BA (Art history), Seoul, Korea



<Solo Exhibitions>

2019 'The things between the sun and the moon', The Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea 

2017 ‘Dream Journey’, Art Space Seo:ro, Seoul, Korea

<Selected Group Exhibitions>

2020 'Contemporary Young Artist', The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2019 'Open Code', The Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea

2018 ‘We are together because...’, The Vacant Space, Glasgow, UK

2018 ‘Close by’, 38 Trongate, Glasgow, UK

2018 ‘No Safe Haven’, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, UK

2017 ‘UAC Young Artists’, Uijeongbu Art Centre, Uijeongbu, Korea

2017 ‘愛敬’, AK Gallery, Suwon, Korea

2016 ‘Storytelling Painting’, Seoul Western District Court Gallery,

Seoul, Korea

2016 ‘美貪’, Sang-am DMC Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016 ‘Notwithstanding X’, SeMA, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2014 ‘The 4th Art Factory Project’, CULTURE STATION SEOUL 284, Seoul, Korea

2014 ‘Scout’, Gallery Imazoo, Seoul, Korea

2013 ‘Hi Potentia’, Gallery On, Seoul, Korea




2020 Biscuit Factory Contemporary Young Artist (shortlisted), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2018 Lit Award (Awarded by Koppe Astner), Glasgow, UK

2018 Secret Art Prize (shortlisted), London, UK

2017 Uijeongbu Art Centre Emerging Artist Award, Uijeongbu, Korea

2017 AK Artist Award, Suwon, Korea


2019 The Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea

2018 Project Ability, Glasgow, UK





2019~ 글래스고 스쿨 오브 아트, 실습주도 연구, 박사

2018 글래스고 스쿨 오브 아트, MLitt Fine Art

2016 이화여자대학교 동대학원 서양화과

2014 이화여자대학교 조형예술학부

(서양화, 미술사학 전공)




2019 '해와 달 사이의 것들', 청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주

2017 ‘Dream Journey’, 예술공간 서:로, 서울


2020, 'Contemporary Young Artist', The Biscuit Factory, 뉴캐슬 어폰 타인

2019, '오픈코드', 청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주

2018, 'We are together because...', The Vacant Space, 글래스고

2018 ‘Close by’, 38 Trongate, 글래스고

2018 ‘No Safe Haven’, The Pipe Factory, 글래스고

2017 ‘의정부 예술의 전당 신진작가 공모전’, 의정부 예술의 전당, 의정부

2017 ‘애경愛敬’, AK 갤러리, 수원

2016 ‘말하는 그림’, 서부지방법원 갤러리, 서울

2016 ‘미탐美貪’, 상암 DMC 아트 갤러리, 서울

2016 ‘그럼에도 불구하고 X’, SeMA 북서울시립미술관, 서울

2014 ‘제 4회 공장미술제’, 문화역 284(구서울역), 서울

2014 ‘Scout’, 갤러리 이마주, 서울

2013 ‘Hi Potentia’, 갤러리 온, 서울


공모전 및 수상

2020 Biscuit Factory Contemporary Young Artist, 뉴캐슬 어폰 타인

2018 Lit Award (Koppe Astner 갤러리), 글래스고

2018 Secret Art Prize (shortlisted), 런던

2017 의정부 예술의 전당 신진작가 공모전, 의정부

2017 AK 갤러리 애경 공모전, 수원


2019 청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주

2018 Project Ability, 글래스고