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Things between the Sun and the Moon

Things between the Sun and the Moon is a series of works Cho has created since 2019, oscillating between two different cultural/physical spaces. While traversing different time zones, spaces, and cultures, she realised that time and space are connected in an endless spectrum of light. “In-between” the two time and space, there were things that could not be expressed in terms of borders, language or the lexicons of categories created and classified by humans. This series constantly summons and represents such beings – the light of drapes created by two orbs in the sky, waves that move endlessly, and plants and people that endlessly pass through different cultural places.

Landscape without Land

Oil on canvas, 120 × 300 cm, 2022

Landscape without Land 

Installation View at the Glasgow School of Art

Things between the Sun and the Moon

Oil on silk and shaped canvas, Size variable, 2022

Things between the Sun and the Moon

Arrow of cupid
Conquerors and their shadows
Fungus over corpses
Lost items
Memories about my grandmother
People without name and birthday
Queens, wives of men
Trees that are rooted and unrooted
Vessels that follow the moonlight
Water from your body

해와 달 사이의 것들

큐피드의 화살
정복자들과 그들의 그림자
시체들을 덮은 곰팡이
잃어버린 물건들
내 할머니에 대한 기억들
이름도 생일도 없는 사람들
왕비들, 남자의 아내들
뿌리박힌, 뿌리 뽑힌 나무들
통역할 수 없는 농담들
달빛을 따라가는 배들
당신 몸의 물​​

self portrait_oil on terracotta_72ppi.jpg

Oil on terracotta, 11 cm in diameter, 2021

My Portable Windows

Oil on silk, Size variable, 2021

Buddleia, the Bombsite Plant

Oil on silk, 76 × 42 cm, 2021 (second left)

Buddleia, the Bombsite Plant

Oil on wood, 2022 (second right)

My Portable Window: Nami Island (third left)

51 × 76.3 cm, 2022

My Portable Window: Glasgow Green (third right)

Oilonsilk, 51.5 × 51.7 cm, 2021

2019_Ns Living Room_Oil on Linen_72.7 x 53 cm_Online.jpg

N's Lounge

Oil on linen, 72 × 53 cm, 2019

Things between the Sun and the Moon 

Installation View at the Cheongju Art Studio

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