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The Things between the Sun and the Moon was the title of Cho’s second solo exhibition in Cheongju, Korea. The title implies things that cannot be easily fitted and categorised by the cultural boundaries and national borderlines.


Based on her memories floating between two different countries, Korea and the UK, Cho creates landscapes that reject the dichotomic definition of either Oriental or Western.

2019_Slices Between The Sun And The Moon_Oil on Canvas_Size Variable_Online.jpg
2020_Orchid on fan_Oil on Canvas_Online.jpg

Pieces from the Sky, Oil on fan-shaped canvas, size variable, 2019
The Blue Orchid, Oil on fan-shaped canvas, 20 x 20 cm in diameter, 2020

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Installation view of the exhibition, 'The Things between the Sun and the Moon' (2019)

2019_Ns Living Room_Oil on Linen_72.7 x 53 cm_Online.jpg

N's Lounge

Oil on linen, 72.7 x 53 cm, 2019

Nocturnal Voyage, Oil on linen_100 x 100cm, 2020

2021_Window_Oil on Silk_42.2 x 21.8 cm_Online.jpg
2021_Window_Oil on Silk_Installation_Online.jpg

Window (left), Oil on silk_53.6 x 33.3 cm, 2020

The  Series on a Windowsill (right), 42.2 x 21.8 cm/53.6 x 33.3 cm/31.3 x 21.5 cm, 2020

2021_Buddleja_Oil on Silk_46 x 72 cm_Online.jpg

Oil on silk, 46 x 72 cm, 2021

2021_Late Winter_Oil on Silk_51.5 x 51.7 cm_Online.jpg

Late Winter (Glasgow Green)

Oil on silk, 51.5 x 51.7 cm, 2021

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