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'Dream Journey' 

A record of imaginary journeys which ended up getting lost.

Dream Journey

Dream Journey series shows imaginary spaces created by borrowing motifs from well-known East Asian landscape paintings. The change in the materiality of ink to oil, and the pictorial elements omitted or added in the process of transfiguration instil contemporary temporality and spatiality.

Installation View at Art Space Seo:ro & Uijeongbu Art Centre

Lake Sam-il 

Oil on linen, 91.0 × 116.8 cm, 2016

2016_Early Spring, Oil on linen, 130 x 69.5cm_Online.jpg

Early Spring

Oil on linen, 130 × 69.5cm, 2016

2016_Joy of Living in Mountains, Oil on

The Joy of Living in Mountains

Oil on linen, 130 × 69.5cm, 2016

2016_Rainy Forest, 30x120cm(30x30cm each) Online.jpg

Rainy Forest

Oil on linen, 30 × 120cm (30 × 30cm each), 2016

Pakyon Waterfall, Oil on canvas, 50 × 40cm in diameter, 2017

Tree for Landscape, Oil on canvas, 40 × 30cm in diameter, 2017

Winter Tree, Oil on canvas, 40 × 40cm in diameter, 2017

Night Walk, Oil on linen, 130.3 × 89.4cm, 2017

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