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The Portal of the Homely yet Magical (2023)

The portal of the homely yet magical is a temporary installation work in the Domaine de Boisbuchet.

Instead of using the pre-existing signage which delivers generic information, the artist intended to make a sign which could be explored, imagined, and remembered by individual visitors to the Domaine de Boisbuchet, designers' commune. This portal brings visitors to their desired space - their cherished memories, nostalgia about something that they have not experienced yet desired, and images of the future which have not yet arrived.

This project was part of the creative workshop with The Rodina at Domaine de Boisbuchet in 2023.


The Homely yet Magical

(Answers from participants at the Domaine de Boisbuchet)

My parents' bed in their room where my younger sister and I played together

Shiny Streets in Milan

Windermere in the photobook

The Christmas tree on 25th December in my grandmother's house, which kept the sparkles from the day before

My grandfather's patio where I used to paint and draw

The graveyard covered with white and pink wildflowers

The tree house in the backyard where I spent a lot of time in my childhood

The smell of my grandmother's house

The backyard of my grandfather's house where my only sibling - my cousin - and I used to play

The pine tree forest near the beach which smells like salt





Photos by Leidy Karina Gómez Montoya 

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